Order Cancellation

Digital Product Delivery:
Upon placing your order, your digital product, the software license activation key(s), will be delivered to your email within 1 hour via our email delivery system.

Order Cancellation:
We accept order cancellations prior to the delivery of the software license activation key(s) to your email address. If you wish to cancel your order and have not yet received the activation key, please contact us via email at support@ambrinoinfotech.com or call us at +91-8910954769 / +91-8670171081 to reach our customer support team.

Cancellation Fees:
Upon receiving your order cancellation request, we will initiate the cancellation process. Please note that a cancellation fee of 5% of the total order value will be deducted. The remaining amount will be refunded to you.

Refund Process:
Any refunds will be processed within 3-4 business days from the date of your order cancellation request. The refunded amount will be credited back to your bank account.

Subscription Cancellation Policy:
Please note that we sell all software license key(s) for pre-paid software subscriptions only. Once a pre-paid software subscription is activated, it cannot be cancelled until the end of its pre-mentioned subscription validity period.

If you have any question, please contact us :
Email: support@ambrinoinfotech.com
Phone : +91-8910954769


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